Our Service Clubs

Protect your home from costly plumbing, heating and air conditioning repairs and extend the life of your equipment with preventive maintenance. There are three types of Maintenance Agreements: Air Conditioning Service, Heating System Service and Plumbing Protection Program. Each includes one maintenance visit, priority customer status and up to 25% off all services for one year.

Air Conditioning & Heating System Services

These are customized programs addressing the potential problems we see most often. These Maintenance Agreements are designed for the following reasons:

  • Reduce the possibility of air conditioning or heating breakdown
  • Reduce utility and repair costs
  • Provide preferential emergency service for any and all services
  • Provide a discount on all your plumbing, heating and air conditioning
  • Maintain and enhance your current level of comfort

Plumbing Protection Program

The purposes of this program are as follows:

  • Alert you to potential plumbing problems before they become an emergency
  • Find money-wasting leaks
  • Help assure the safe and efficient operation of your water heater
  • Provide you with all your plumbing needs during the year at a special preferred customer value rate. Your service technician will be happy to show you your savings
  • Provide preferential emergency service for any and all services
  • Provide information on available items for the safety and protection of your family

BOYD HOME SERVICES is pleased to offer three home comfort protection clubs to its customers at tremendous savings.

All Three Service Clubs offer:

  • "Top of the List" priority in appointment bookings
  • 24 Hour service guarantee with 2 hour service window
  • Up to 25% discount on all repairs

Diamond Club (Plumbing) - $7.95/month

Extend the life of your pipes and water heater. Help protect your home against unexpected breakdowns and water damage.

Diamond Club features annual:

  • Water heater inspection, flush and drain(extends water heater life)
  • Exposed pipe inspection
  • Drain inspection(above and below) for leaks and clogs
  • Faucet and toilet inspection and adjustments as needed

Silver Club (Heat & Air) - $16.95/month

Extend the life of your heating and cooling systems. Decrease the risk of untimely breakdowns.

Silver Club features a complete annual EcoSharpTM Calibration:

  • Total system inspection and tune-up
  • Cleaning of coils and burners
  • Inspection of heat exchanger(heating unit)
  • System pressures checked and thermostat calibrated
  • Oil and lubricate motors

Comfort Club (Plumbing plus Heat & Air) - $20.95/month

  • Get total home protection (heat, cooling and plumbing) for a low monthly fee.
  • Save 18% per year over the cost of joining Diamond and Silver Clubs separately.
  • Comfort Club includes all the features of both the Diamond Club and Silver Club.

Membership in the BOYD Home Comfort Protection Clubs is limited to 22% of our customers, so join today.